Plant-It 2020 provides six different types of educational programs:

Teachers and School Administrator Environmental Education
Plant-It 2020 has been introducing schools across the United States to the Center for Environmental Education ceeonline.org. CEE allows teachers to select from a variety of instructional teaching modules. The teacher simply plugs-in their choice of student grade, length of the program and area of focus and available instructional modules meeting the criteria become available for use. School administrators can access other areas of the website that go into detail about how a school can legitimately become green and receive concurrent community recognition for their success. Designed by educators for educators, it is completely free.

BioChar Resources and Education
BioChar is a special type of charcoal. Plant-It 2020 is committed to fundraising for the distribution of BioChar stoves to needy families along with educating the forestry movement and the general public about the many environmental and human benefits of BioChar production and use. BioChar resources and education can be found on our BioChar page.

Benefits of Trees and Forests Resources and Education
Tree and Forest resources and general information is provided on our Tree & Forest page.

Soil Resources and Education
Plant-It 2020 is actively promoting better tree planting consciousness by having tree-planting organizations pay more attention to soil issues. You can plant all the trees you want but when the soil becomes poor, the trees suffer and die. Our Soil Resources and Education page is where experts and the general public can learn more about this neglected topic.

Educational Brochures
Plant-It 2020 also periodically funds educational brochures and materials. One example is a brochure designed to help tree-planters in the greater Denver, Colorado, USA area make better choices in terms of which trees to select and how best to plant and maintain them. Click Here to see the pamphlet in PDF form.

Tree-Planting Scams and Deceptions
Plant-It 2020 is an industry leader in educating the general public about Common Reforestation Industry Scams and what you can do to avoid them.

Tree-Planting Papers onĀ http://panro.org/
PANRO stands for Professional Association for Nonprofit Reforestation Organizations. The PANRO website at http://panro.org/ provides companies with a short list of the best forestry organizations to partner with as well as providing tree-planting educational information submitted by PANRO members.