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2021 Tree-Planting Highlights:

emerginC emerginC is a skin care company who just planted nearly 80,000 trees split between Nepal and Madagascar! They have an amazing reputation in two areas: 1) product effectiveness and 2) their history of environmental consciousness. One example of environmental consciousness is that they are generously planting a tree for every retail-sized, scientific organics product sold. They already offset their carbon and their products are paraben-free, free of synthetic fragrances and colors; do not use animal products, do not test on animals and their product boxes are not recycled, but made from paper that is forest stewardship council and sustainable forest initiative certified and use non-toxic, vegetable-based inks. Plant-It 2020 salutes emerginC for not only producing what A-list celebrities recognize as many of the best products on the market but for also doing business in a way that is environmentally conscious. It is what makes them clearly and effortlessly stand-out from their competitors!

Daneson makes small batch flavored toothpicks with ingredients like essential oils and single malt scotch. They are made from veneer-quality A-Grade wood milled from northern white birch. For every tree they use, Daneson plants 100 trees throughout the US. Thousands of trees have been planted so far. This means Daneson is truly giving back more than it takes. For high-end toothpicks & cases, visit Daneson at: daneson.com

8 Billion Trees sponsored the planting of thousands of indigenous trees in Mexico (which helps the survival of the endangered Monarch Butterfly) and 500 indigenous trees in Guatemala. Here is a link to discover more about 8 Billion Trees and their partnership with Plant-It 2020.

Plant-It 2020 becomes the first Reforestation Nonprofit to produce articles about the nonprofit reforestation industry for those outside the industry. This continues Plant-It 2020's position as the industry's oversight agency; presenting the public with insider information. You can find our first insider article here: plantit2020.org

Daana Ki Bracelets is one of the most environmentally focused companies out there. They make environmentally conscious bracelets for wrists and ankles. Their woodlands bracelet helps Plant-It 2020 by allowing us to plant more trees and help save forests and woodlands. Please check them out at: daanakibracelets.com

Wild Wood Vermont makes astonishingly beautiful, cedar, travel mugs and cocktail shakers; created by artisan Sean Murray. Each mug or shaker is custom made, unique and can be laser engraved. Sean is strongly focused on high quality when making his products and he graciously is having a tree planted with the sale of the wooden travel mug. Check out Wild Wood Vermont at: www.wildwoodvermont.com

Tom Becker is a John Denver tribute artist who has planted nearly 4,000 trees through us. He walks his talk! His show: Back Home Again - A Tribute To John Denver has been a raging success! His website is at: johndenvertribute.net.

NewLeaf New Leaf Service Contracts offers a variety of fully insured service plan programs from multiple underwriters. But if none of those templates quite fit, they also create custom plans specific to your business. Just as a tree requires nourishment to flourish, New Leaf also provides administrative, technological and marketing support throughout the implementation of the program that includes training, reporting integration, data analytics and a suite of internally developed self-service tools. Additionally, for every ten contracts they sell, one tree is donated to Plant-It-2020.

In 2021, New Leaf planted 15,000 trees between Florida and Georgia. These went into no-logging locations such as riparian zones and wilderness areas where rivers, streams and watersheds will be enhanced and improved by needed tree-cover.

Dental Xchange DentalXChange pioneered the web-based, dental, EDI solutions industry and now has over 12,000 dental offices as clients. In simple terms, they drastically reduce paper use nation-wide in regards to dental paperwork. Not content with that major feat, Dental Exchange partnered with Plant-It 2020 to generously plant a tree for each new practice they sign-up. This organization came to us with genuine interest in the environment rather than trying to market themselves so they deserve recognition for environmental excellence.

Ideas For Us Ideasforus is a youth-led, award-winning, international sustainability movement that forms chapters in K-12 schools, campuses and communities across the United States and abroad. Each chapter provides participating students with training in leadership, environmental and energy education; mentoring, and professional consultation. Chapters engage in educating and introducing proven green technologies that are cost-effective and business friendly; providing environmental education programs for educational institutions, creating community environmental events, and promoting research into promising areas of technology that are practical, workable and desirable.

Plant-It 2020 will now be promoting Ideasforus as part of our ongoing assistance to schools and communities. The two organizations may also collaborate in the future on joint reforestation projects and possibly some areas of educational outreach. To learn more about Ideasforus, please visit their website at Ideasforus.org.

The Synergy Company

The The Synergy Company is a Utah based nutritional supplement firm that leads the country in operating sustainably. They actively support organic agriculture, index purchase 100% of its energy from wind power and have created SynerTrees™ - a reforestation program to annually plant indigenous trees in the US at a rate exceeding their own consumption. The Synergy Company has partnered with Plant-It 2020 for many years and maintains the leading edge in responsible manufacturing and operations in regards to society and Earth friendliness. We cannot thank them enough for their support and see them as a role model for the world's business community. You can learn more about The Synergy Company at: www.thesynergycompany.com

Chris Pye is one of the very best, world-class woodcarvers. He is also an author and woodcarving instructor who provides woodcarving workshops for beginner-through-expert. Mr. Pye enjoys giving back to the community and the world at large so he graciously partnered with Plant-It 2020 to plant a tree for every five subscribers to their website. We couldn't be more thrilled! You can see his website here along with a nice video of his partnership with Plant-It 2020 here and his woodcarving videos are here. We appreciate his genius and generosity so much that we are matching dollar-for-dollar every tree he plants through us with one of our own in the same location through 2011!