Dollar-Per-Tree Program


In 1992, Plant-It 2020 created a program where for every US dollar we receive for this program, we will plant a tree1. The contributor decides where the trees get planted by selecting a worldwide location from our published list of sites. There are no additional costs. As always, the trees get planted only in non-harvest (no logging allowed) locations protected by contract with high survival rates.

This concept has since been copied by several competitors but with the following differences:

  • They do not publicly guarantee in writing that at a minimum, the total purchase or 'growing-from-seed' cost of each tree is covered out of each dollar received.
  • They do not tell contributors that the trees are planted in locations where they may be harvested (logged).
  • They do not put in writing that the dollar refers ONLY to new trees going into the ground; and does not relate to trees previously planted, trees received for free or at deep discount through 1) a grant, 2) tree nursery, 3) timber company or 4) tree farm.
  • They do not make it clear to contributors that sometimes it costs more that $1 to plant and maintain a tree and only when those other costs are accounted for will they have those trees get planted.
  • They do not communicate that under no circumstances will the funds they give for planting trees to another organization ever displace funds previously allocated towards planting trees and then later shifted towards administration or some other area.

Please visit our industry scams and deceptions page for more details regarding how the 'dollar-per-tree' program can be misused and abused.

1 'Tree' refers to a tree seedling or baby tree and the dollar covers at a minimum the full cost of purchase of the seedling or the total cost to grow it into a seedling from a tree seed. Trees received free through grants and/or at deep discount or those given away by a tree nursery were NEVER and will never be part of this program.